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Briefly answer these questions from Chapter 2 Prewriting in English Composition: Connect, Collaborate, Communicate:

  1. the purpose of the essay is to educate.
  2. whoever is grading my work because the essay is for me to learn or to my classmates.
  3. Me as I am learning and my professor who is teaching.
  4. the readers know a lot because we all working on the same topic in order to learn.
  5. the reader needs to understand my thesis of statement and my personal view in order to understand the essay’s points.
  6. The hook needs to be something you drag the audience’s attention to it depends on the topic of your essay, it could be a question, or by quoting an expert on the respective topic or an inspirational individual.
  7. I will use an academic standard language because it is an educational essay.
  8. the tone for my topic will be different depends on what kind of topic I am writing about. so it needs to be basic and formal.


Write a draft of your opening paragraph based on Chapter 3.2 Opening Paragraphs from English Composition: Connect, Collaborate, Communicate.

an introduction should start with a hook that is devised to evoke readers’ interest.  Capturing readers’ attention motivates them to continue reading. after the hook, I will add transition sentences that should introduce the readers to the topic by stating general facts or ideas about the subject. after that I will add a strong thesis statement, a thesis statement is a promise to the reader about what the essay will be about. here I need to ask myself what I am going to write about and the answer to this question will be my thesis statement. my thesis statement must be specificity, precision, ability to be argued, ability to be demonstrated, forcefulness, confidence, and avoid weak thesis statement.and then I have to support my thesis statement with strong reasons to back my opinion so the reader can understand why I choose this side of the argument.