The left side of this “meme” or image is from a isolated scene from a popular Canadian music artist of  Drake also known as Aubrey Drake Graham in his 2015 hit music video “Hotline Bling”.  On the upper left panel it’s can be interpreted as Drake being displeased through his face which shows discomfort shielding away from a thought with his hand pushing away or stopping the idea  being brought up that may be often perceived as the correct or a view could be perceived wrong  while on lower left panel it represents the opposite showing his face with an emotion that is pleasing,happy as if he’s nodding along for with his hands pointing towards agreement with the suggestion. The meme in some examples below show it can be still altered even further but can still be easily arranged and interpreted for the creator purpose.

Repurposed even further

Regardless whether how much it differs or modified the purpose of this image illustrates two points that often converge with each other which portray similar messages and ideas which were one is  often agreed upon and the other is disagreed upon.  I’ve attached some images below to further exhibit and display my interpretation of the image.

Repurposed even further here as well

A reasonable idea yet the opposite often done related among other folks

Similar to what Berger has mentioned throughout his video this meme and other various types of images do their best to relating within our own context of life and similar experiences as if they were words. The meaning of this image or meme rather, changes accordingly to whats besides it. These reproductions make it easier to connect our experience with the meme with other experiences and react accordingly with them.  While they don’t originate from one single author or place or have much of a history they’re still unique for getting a point / message across to viewers across the globe. These reproduced images have also been repurposed as new form of communicating through memes. This is all due to another creation, social media which has spread across the world reaching every part of the world that was never thought to be achievable before.

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  1. Paul Fess

    This is really interesting. You say these memes have been used to communicate, but I’m wondering how this works in practice. Why use Drake and why riff on this using other characters and figures? What is being communicated?

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