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Since the invention of the camera, artwork all around has been manipulated with a simple change of angle, arrangement of sets or even the dimness of a light. This has become a new language where individuals can interpret images in their own ways.

These are murals of women around cities painted by unknown artists. These artists are trying to send a big message regarding the naturalism of a woman’s appearance. These aren’t just any basic features on a person’s body, hair is a very big and important character trait any person has. It makes them who they are. Hair in many cultures is seen as valuable. It makes a person who they are. The artists who painted these murals purposely did it on that wall because it had a very important natural element, which was the tree. A tree is seen as natural, pure and earthly. Hair is a sort of language itself, there are different types. What the tree was expressing was the curly hair community. That community itself has even more of a variety.

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