Blog #3

  • Is the purpose of the essay to educate, announce, entertain, or persuade?

The purpose of the essay depends on which essay, we will write. For example, argumentive essay purpose is to educate and inform and tell facts. An argumentative essay is more academically.   Persuasive essay purpose is making a claim and support with strong evidence to persuade and influence your reader. Narrative essay purpose to write about your personal life so it might be entertain when you read the narrator’s experiences.          

  • Who might be interested in the topic of the essay?

Each essay has different readers, for an argumentive essay is academic so their readers usually Professors, students, newspaper readers. 

  • Who would be impacted by the essay or the information within it?

The readers who are interested in the topic. 

  • What does the reader know about this topic?

A strong thesis statement, brief idea, and providing the information will interest the reader to know and read about the topic.   

  • What does the reader need to know in order to understand the essay’s points?

With an interesting introduction, you attract the reader, with the organization of your idea, will make your reader keep reading to know more about the topic. essay structure like supporting details and providing examples made your points clear.   

  • What kind of hook is necessary to engage the readers and their interests?

T in the introduction, you should write a hook that grabs your reader’s attention, and attract them to read the essay and make them be interested in the topic. A hook can be Quotes and asking a question.

  • What level of language is required? Words that are too subject-specific may make the writing difficult to grasp for readers unfamiliar with the topic.

The level of language depends on the reader’s level of language. College essays require a good academic standing level of language.   

  • What is an appropriate tone for the topic? A humorous tone that is suitable for an autobiographical, narrative essay may not work for a more serious, persuasive essay.

The tone change depends on the kind of essay the argument essay became more serious because it provides information. On the other hand, the persuasive essay requires tone to be less serious because based on how to persuade and influence your reader and change their thinking. 

2. Write a draft of your opening paragraph based on Chapter 3.2 Opening Paragraphs from English Composition: Connect, Collaborate, Communicate

“I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not judge by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” by DR Martine Luther King Jr 1963. this was  DR King Jr words when he led the non-violence movement. He fought to end the racial and segregation in the USA. nevertheless, racism toward African Americans still exists. In May, George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police officers. He is a victim of racial crime and discrimination. He became a symbol.  activists started to protest to fight for African Americans. Black lives matter became the logo of the movement that carries all over the country to fight for justice.