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How art can help you analyze blogpost #1

The video, “How Art Can Help You Analyze” , by Amy E. Herman talks about how an analysis on an art can strengthen our scrutinizing skill. The narrator tells us that we analyze an art through close studying of the art through our visual perception, observation, articulation of the observation, and logical reference to possibilities. It is in way, a practice to enhance our intellectual quality as well. It includes the intellectual qualities of logic, depth and significance.

The video started with logical explanation on how through good analysis of art can have a helpful insight into the professions of doctor, a seasoned officer and a nurse by giving an example of art “Time Transfixed” by Rene Magritte. This art poses many interesting questions about the significance of clock, the two candle stands without the candle, a mirror reflecting only the objects in front of it, a train coming out through the wall of chimney without displaying its origin and destination. Depending on the strength of this visual stimulus, viewers analyze it accordingly. Therefore, this video beautifully incorporated the art in explaining the logic behind art analysis positive effects in those professions.

Similarly, in any arguments without a reasonable idea to back it up, it will not attract much recognition. When making a statement, a profound understanding of the situation will be of great benefit. The cops studying a crime scene, collecting detail visual information from the scene can help them understand the situation and a doctor diagnosing a patient, considering the pertinent negatives can properly diagnose it.  These in-depth scenarios presented in video has complemented how through detail analysis skill acquired through art can make a huge difference.

Likewise, analyzing an artwork helps to understand the significance of each component on the piece. The sun shining on an artwork, time on clock, the train, the fireplace, mirror and candle stand are all there for a reason. If the cop finds a domino’s pizza box at a crime scene in a millionaire mansion, it should occur to them as a suspicious activity. They should link it with their investigation. Recognizing the importance of a relevant idea being presented in a situation can help look at the problem from a different perspective and help solve many problems.

Why art matters

Why art matters? As the saying goes that picture speaks a thousand words. So does an art. It is scientifically proven that our brain process visual images faster than written information.  During the era of social media, it is full of visual images. We are Learning to read art in detail can make a difference in how better person one can be.  In the video, ” Why art matters” it tell us that art is of wide variety. It can be painting and sculpture to watching architectural beauties around cities, a bird in park or simply going for a movie. Many popular arts have the tendency to draw many viewers often. Every other visit gives them a deeper and broader meaning of the art. These attention and awareness skill gained will later have a positive impact in one’s life. Art has remained a very important components of our history by playing a powerful medium through which artist communicate ours and their ideas, feelings and convey their messages.  It has helped artist express their opinions visually through paintings, sculptures and musics. At times of political unrest, the art played a significant role in venting out discontentment and frustration of people with the oppressors. However, every people can have a different opinion on a particular piece of work. It doesn’t necessarily reflect the artist view. It can be totally different from what the artist had in his mind. I think this is the beauty of art. Every art can be particular to each individual.  An artwork’s effect can be nuanced by each viewer’s mental state and therefore can be interpreted differently.