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Intellectual Standards for Quality

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Intellectual Standards of Quality


Building the Foundation of my academic Writing intellectual standards for quality is important because we need clear understanding and organizing. Intellectual standards have applied to thinking critically and checking the quality of reason about a problem, issue, or situation .There are some intellectual standards that are most essential : clarity, precision, accuracy, depth ,breadth, logic, significance, relevance, and fairness. When I watched the video, I found three criteria of Intellectual Standard that are focused in the video are clarity, logical and precision.


To begin with, clarity focuses the thinking to be explained well so that it is easy to understand. The video which I watched is “Why Arts Matters”. It has shown the fact :  how art can help in our life and to inform the audience about the importance of art in society through history. Art could be defined in many ways to the audience. The producer has organized the idea that is clear to the audience. The video shows different kinds of opinion in different people about why art is important. For example, Some People think that people look at art because we live in a visual world. Understanding and looking at art is thinking about the way images communicate in all kinds of ways is important to being alive today as the speaker says .Furthermore, we can feel the nature that birds are beside me that makes a better person. We have a clear understanding about the concept of arts. We clearly understand what we believe, and why we believe it. The speaker uses simple words in the video and the topic is specific. we know the more specific we are, and the more likely readers are to understand as the text mentions in clarity that I find in video.


The reason I think it is logical. Logical means evidence is reasonable and makes sense step by step and what they talk about is all true. For example, the speaker says that the only way of looking at art is going to museums. But maybe sometimes art is everywhere, in the street, If you look at architectural places, or everything. you really do not need to go to a museum to see art. What we see here is logic because evidence is reasonable and combined with evidence that makes sense is called logical thinking. Furthermore, the speaker says, we can spend time looking at things such as newspaper photos and It is everyday life. The video tells us to notice art. Art is everywhere It is on the wall, Street, building and movie. This video has sufficient evidence about the topic. As we know, logic has made sense to the audience. The topic and evidence inspire people. It influences the audience that the speaker agrees with the evidence.. This is the way of catching readers’ interest about the subject. It makes topics realistic and convincing. Convincing readers through logical reason and real facts that are connected to the text. All the evidence shown is logical.

Significance is one of the most important elements that I found in the video. The video “smart history” gives enough answers to the question about why art matters. The arts matter because they help us see the world from different perspectives. They give us empathy and help us understand people, places , periods, and history. The arts ignite something in brains that I cannot explain, but I know It is essential for life as video showed. After watching the video, I feel that art is the way to being alive . We feel nature, birds, and know about history. The video encourages people looking at the art ; that is the significance of video. Because of these facts, we understand why art matters.

How art can help you analyze

How art can help you analyze


Arts are the creation that helps us see the world from different perspectives. it gives us empathy and help us understand people, places and periods of history. The arts ignite something our brains that I cannot explain but I know it’s essential for life. The strong effect art can have in the human brain, viewing, analyzing and creating art stimulates the brain in a substantial and long lasting way. It describes what you are seeing and what you are not.  “How art can help you analyze,” in Smart history, Amy E. Herman addresses how doctors, nurses and lawyers use their visual activity and communication skills which help to investigate and emergencies and enhance our critical and creative thinking. Art can enhance our perception and our ability to communicate to others what we have seen and unseen. Art is important because it helps people to sharper their observational shills and teach them to be more empathetic.

Art makes people more empathetic. Empathy is the ability to be aware of the feeling and emotions of other people, that is significant for the doctors and nurses to treat them better. They need to be empathetic to understand the patient. The visual arts can help doctors turn out more accomplished physicians, the arts matter to medicine. The arts make medical students become more thoughtful and listen carefully to a patient’s narrative of his or her symptoms. This allows doctors to make a more informed diagnosis. Open communication between the doctor and patient helps the patients to understand their illness and comply with treatment. Additionally, the  arts can help a physician grapple with uncertainties which are an essential part for doctors. They think broadly and entertain various possibilities before settling on a final interpretation. however, a growing number of people insist that arts is the best antidote to the kind of tunnel vision that can lead to misdiagnosis and the lack of empathy that is eroding the doctor and patient relationship.