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Why art matters

The video “why art matters” states that art always carries messages and the way that artist expresses their feelings and their living conditions. Art is an unwritten language. The artist should be freelance and independent. art has a significant role throughout history, there is a strong connection between art and history. We saw Egyptian, Babylon, and greek ancient civilization use art to recorded and preserved their heritages on temples walls, stones, and etc. In wars and revolutions, the artist used art as a weapon to protest against their governments and authorities.the artist use art to express their personal suffering such as Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist and she was iconic symbols of the feminist movement. She drew herself on a portrait that showed her suffering as a woman. The starry night is one of the masterpieces of art, it was drawn by Vincent Van Goch. Van Gogh found his place in art and produced emotionally, visually feelings lasted a decade. In the video, they mentioned art is not only seeing the art in the museum but also on street walls. Graffiti arts are modern art followed by modern artists and They try to encourage and influence people to see art and painting everywhere.  

How art can help you analyze

       The video “How art can help you analyze” by Amy E. Herman argues that how art helps us to improve analytical and communication skills. In addition, it is necessary for many careers to improve their communication and analytical skills. I think this video meets many standers of intellectual quality such as accuracy, depth, significance, and logic, by providing examples of careers that need those skills. This video gives us a significant definition of visual skills that enable us to interpret what we are seeing to others. Not only artists need visual skills but also many jobs need to have those skills such as doctors, nurses, and police officers. For example, doctors ask their patients to check them with Xray or use the visual tools to translate them into their illness situations. Based on the visual tools, Doctors are being accuracy when they give their patients their treatment and prescription. Visual tools and analytical skills are important, to show you a depth of details, for example, law enforcement career needs people who have those skills to analyze the details and finding the truth through the visual evidence and analyze the and look deeply to know who commits the crime and find the criminal. Those careers use logic to based their results. Visual pieces of evidence such as the face, drawing, appearance how the crime committed to lead the police officer to know who commit the crime. that is the logic process. Police officers are being accurate with criminal cases, they use each detail to know the criminal. Communication and analytical skills are required in our reality to communicate with others and their thoughts. I thing image has power than words. As a common person, you can put a painting or image in your home attach to your life theme or describe what you feel deeply, that after you analyze this painting in-depth and find painting theme.