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Blog #1

In this blog I evaluated how and if the video “How Art Can Help You Analyze” had met the standards for three of the ten categories for the evaluation of a work’s intellectual qualities.  The categories were of my choosing and the ones selected were clarity, logic, and relevance.

The video easily met all three standards of quality with the piece being very clear, logical and relevant throughout.  The language used was very clear and at no point was I confused as to what the video was trying to convey.  The logic was very sound as the video gave good examples of how analyzing art would help you analyze and describe criminal investigations as well as medical situations.  And the whole video pertained to describing and explaining how art can help you analyze, so it was very relevant.

One of the techniques the presenter used in achieving her goal was to analyze a certain painting and showing how this directly correlates to becoming a better doctor, nurse or criminal investigator.  After the evaluation of the painting she showed how this process could enhance one’s ability to study something more thoroughly, better analyze the elements observed, articulate what was observed more effectively, and formulate questions to address inconsistencies.   She then showed how these skills are directly related to some the work involved in the criminal and medical fields, and problem solving in general.

Response to Question, “Why Art Matters”.

I think the presenters in the video titled, Why Art Matters, did an excellent job in showing the importance of viewing art other than from just an aesthetic point of view.  As one presenter indicated that we live in a visual world and being able to better understand what we see can help us out in many aspects of our lives.  Some of these aspects as suggested by the presenters included noticing all the different ways images communicate, an increased visual acumen accomplished by intensely looking at things, a higher overall awareness of yourself and your surroundings, a desire and capability to see beyond first impressions and finally an increased ability to notice details in things.  They had numerous and credible arguments for the importance of Art and this video might even sway the most ardent of skeptics.  The only question I would pose to maybe lower the value of this video and viewing art in general, is whether these types of skills could be attained more quickly and to a higher level of competence by doing other activities?  Just a thought.