Ways of seeing, episode 2

Question number one :

The different between nakedness and nude as Berger discussed, naked is to be oneself and nude is to be seen naked by others and yet not recognized for oneself. this is so important its the key to understanding the European oil paintings special the nude paintings and how they looked at women back then. When a woman is naked is to be herself and she chooses to be naked, but when a woman is nude that is for someone else choice and desire. I saw images for women some are naked and it applies to what Berger mentioned in his video about nudes and nakedness. these images meant to feed men’s sexual needs and desires, so now I understand that who drew these paintings or took these pictures has a purpose to fill out spectators ‘ desire.

Question number two:

The western works of art depicted and defined different roles for men and women, Adam and Eve’s story as told in Genesis the lord God gave men to rule over women and men to be God agents, and since this story, women are to blame for anything and made subservient to men. in most of the nude paintings, we see that women are servants to men’s desire and sexual needs. today’s society is different and it shows respect to women not how it used to be before. now both are to lead in the society and both are active members of our society. before was the men only who lead and women serve men’s sexual needs.

Question number three:

a woman looked at herself in a mirror picture into herself how men see her. Berger explained how the mirror helped women to see herself first and foremost as a sight. a mirror is a subject that allowed women to see how men see them. The mirror becomes a symbol of the vanity of women and the men hypocrisy is to blame for that. Beauty is bound to become competitive and who are not judge beautiful are not beautiful, those who are, are given the prize to be owned and be available to men desire. in paintings or photographs women gaze are similar and that is the expression of responding with charm to men who are looking at them. Who drew the painting had a purpose to make the spectator think the woman in this painting or this image is looking at him and ready to serve him. Berger connects other cultures works for art with the western arts and it seems both have the same meaning when it comes to nude and nakedness and both see naked women is a sexual subjects. Berger interview a couple of women and they all agree that these nude oil paintings are fake and not real. there is no connection between the old European art and how the culture looks at women these days. it’s different because we look different to women in today’s society we see them as equal as men, and they are not men’s sexual slaves anymore.


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  1. Ngawang Tashi

    Hi Mahahmoud, i totally agree with your last answer in today’s society we look women and men as equally but there other country they still have the old mindset were they think men are more stable then women which i dont really agree with. what do you think?

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